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Lilly here, all the way in England! 25 years old; all you need to know about me involves theatre, fictional gay French men, books and music. Should you care to find out more my askbox is always open!

@prattprattpratt: I just got pretty hard core up in a drug dealers face. Fuck that guy. Be good. Don’t be a drug dealer. People will think ur a piece of shit.


my only regret is the time i wasted on heterosexuality


i’m dead Katie Blagden renominated George “because his attempt was pathetic.”

I’m stripping my hair to redye it and I spilt some of the mix on my bed and on the black sheets it looks like a cum stain and I can’t stop laughing.

If you must leave,
Leave as though fire burns under your feet.
If you must speak,
Speak every word as though it were unique.


Good evening. Welcome to the six o’clock news. I’m your anchor…

This man is an absolute genious, he is the true Punmaster

I have a crushed nerve in my foot and most of the time it’s a manageable pain…not tonight. Holy crap I can barely walk. If you hear sobbing it’s just me.


of course i want kids. what? children? no no you misunderstand. i mean baby goats. why the hell would i want baby human beings? thats gross.


"so do you have a boyfriend"

i have a book that’s 1200 words of pure french angst does that count

I’m glad my mum saw Guardians Of The Galaxy with me because at least she was laughing when I was dancing in front my nephew singing “o-o-o-h child things are gonna get easier…” No one else laughed. Especially when I called him a turd blossom. Long story short I am in love with this film.

Laura Jane Matthewson (Rose in Dogfight) just called me Darlin on twitter and now I want to cry.